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Hammer and Company

Hammer and Company
One Gateway Center, Suite 309
Newton, MA


Hammer and Company:

New Focus

As we approach the fifth anniversary of Michael Hammer's untimely death, we would like to inform you of a substantial change in the direction of Hammer and Company.

Dr. Hammer's groundbreaking research and visionary thought leadership over the years has galvanized the business world--beginning with his leadership of the reengineering movement and continuing with his brilliant formulation of the process-centered organization. Hammer's ideas have become integrated into the DNA of businesses and organizations worldwide and continue to retain their relevancy in today’s challenging economic environment.

Going forward, Hammer and Company will continue primarily as a vehicle to preserve and disseminate Michael Hammer's vast legacy of research, teachings, and innovative ideas for future generations of global business leaders and practitioners. Our goal is to commemorate and build upon his contributions in the worlds of business theory and process transformation. In the near future, we look forward to posting many of Dr. Hammer's articles, white papers, videos, and lectures on the Hammer and Company website.

The other face of the change at Hammer and Company is that we will no longer directly offer and deliver many of our services including public courses, onsite consulting, and the management of the Phoenix Research Consortium.

In order to continue serving our clients, we have agreed to license Hammer and Company’s Intellectual Property (IP) to the newly formed company FCB Partners, led by Dr. Walter Popper and Steven Stanton.

Popper and Stanton have served as senior faculty at Hammer and Company for the past several years and have been delivering Hammer's educational, consulting, and research activities with great expertise and to outstanding client satisfaction. They also bring a wealth of experience from their own long histories of working in the field of business process improvement. They will continue to extend Dr. Hammer's legacy by delivering and fine-tuning the public Process Mastery courses, onsite process workshops and coaching, and by leading the Phoenix Research Consortium.

Thank you to all of our clients who have supported and inspired us over the past 30 years.

Hammer and Company

Michael Hammer's Process Maturity Model More Important than Ever

One of Dr. Michael Hammer's enduring contributions to the field of business process redesign was the Process and Enterprise Maturity Model (PEMM™) and the programs in which the model has been taught. As business organizations become more complex, this model is more important than ever. Last year we asked our colleagues and licensees at FCB Partners to continue the use of this powerful model through the Process Mastery certification program. We highly recommend the PEMM™ course, Leading Transformation, for all executives concerned with the success of their enterprises.

You can learn more about FCB by visiting the website: fcbpartners.com